Kitakagaya Creative Farm

Who: Yamazaki, Daigo, Soneda, Mieda
Where:Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
When: From 2011
WEB: Kitakagaya minnnanouen

Challenge by a Local Private Company

Kitakagaya is a somewhat traditional downtown district in Osaka. It once prospered through the ship-building industry but this is now in decline after the shipyard moved out of the city. Chishima Real Estate Co., Ltd., a local real estate company which was established a century ago, began to try revitalizing the district under the “Kitakagaya Creative Village Vision”, providing its real estate properties as ateliers (art studios) to creators in the area. As a result the ‘Kitakagaya Creative Farm” was initiated through the support of studio-L and the Non-Profit Organization (NPO), “Co. to. Hana”.

Agricultural Movement with Art in Kitakagaya

Nowadays people are much more interested in agriculture, but at the same time dislike the long distance that must be travelled in order to get out of the city to the rural areas. As such, we undertook a project in Kitakagaya (Central Osaka), with the aim of connecting agriculture with art through the creative atmosphere of the district.
We developed this project at a farm on a vacant piece of land, and have been trying to promote shared land use among the local people, creators and private companies. Our future goals are to incorporate the creative atmosphere of the district to show the fun side of agriculture, and to develop easy-to-use tools for the elderly people.