visible and invisible design methods

From invisible design (community design, cultivating pacticipators) to the visualization process, we use both methods in our design to solve the many various social issues faced by our local communities today: food, agriculture, ecology, social welfare, tourism, art, education, environmnet, energy, medical services and disaster prevention.

Brand Association

Tourism Development / Promotion of Local Specialty Products

  • Ieshima Project
  • Project for Revitalizing Hantomari District
  • Tomioka World Heritage City Project


  • Ama Town Comprehensive Plan
  • Kasaoka Islands Kids' Comprehensive Plan
  • Sumida Food Education Promotion Plan
  • Kasaoka Industrial Promotion Vision
  • Higashisonogi Town's Comprehensive Plan

Park Management

Social Design Work

Utilizing Space

Vitalization of City Centers

  • Bungotakada City Center Vitalization
  • Guidebook project for Anyouji District in Ritto City
  • Fukuyama City Center Vitalization
  • Saga City Center Revitalizing Plan

Human Resource Development / Training

  • Community Support in Shimane Prefecture
  • Support for Sakaigawa District in Fuefuki City
  • Human Resource Development for Tourist Site Activation in Tochigi Prefecture