Nobeoka Station District Development Project

Who: Yamazaki, Daigo, Inoue, Muraoka
Where:Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture
When: from 2010
Note: Collaboration with Nobeoka Design Union Confederation, etc.

Appointment of a Design Supervisor

Nobeoka City in Miyazaki Prefecture aims to revitalize one of these spaces by organizing the rebuilding Japan Railway’s (JR) Nobeoka Station and the adjoining plaza, together with the pedestrian bridge. In this project, multiple organizations are involved: the station (belonging to JR); the pedestrian bridge network (belonging to the City); the station square (belonging to the Prefectural Government); and the station building complex (belonging to private companies). It is therefore essential to have a person who oversees design policy from a consistent viewpoint. In February 2011, 200 citizens gathered with much interest at a competition for the ‘Design Supervisor’ and Ms. Kumiko Inui, an architect, was appointed from 5 applicants.

Community Design for Activities

When taking into accounts the wants and needs of local citizens with regard to how a new design space should be best utilized, it is essential to create a suitable environment when citizens can take the initiative and participate in the activities and overall planning of a space. studio-L has been engaged in workshops and a symposiums about the station-surrounding spaces in the summer of 2010. In the spring of 2011 when the Design Supervisor was appointed, studio-L held public hearings for the local citizens and organizations to encourage their interaction with regard to how best to use the spaces. After the fiscal year 2011, we held workshops in order to relate citizens’ ideas about the design with the Design Supervisor, citizen organizations, local university, the Society of Architects & Building Engineers etc.

Community Design for Public-Private Collaboration

The station building complex plays an important role as the base of city center revitalization. It will provide citizens public space for such as a civic activity, reading, café, market of traditional food, and origin area of region information. In the fiscal year 2014, an operator of the building was selected from public through collecting plans and competition. Ms. Kumiko Inui, the Design Supervisor, and the operation company progress the project gradually with considering facilities functions, how they operate the building and so on. At the same time, it is making steady progress that the project of revitalizing city center with utilizing vacant houses. studio-L promotes these projects that the construction of the station building complex has just started for creating new public space and the citizens are engaged their activities utilizing the space.