Community Design for Maruya gardens

Who: Yamazaki, Kanba, Nishigami, Inoue
Where:Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
When: 2009-2011

Commercial Facility with “Gardens” for every floor

Tenmonkan area was a center of Kagoshima city longtime. Large malls and hotels had been built intensively around Kagoshima central station which is newly built as Kyushu bullet train terminal and is 1.5 km away from the Tenmonkan area from 2004. Therefore, people visiting Tenmonkan area has been decreased. The commercial facility called “Maruya Gardens” opened in 2010 spring in Tenmonkan area. The facility is 9-story and one basement floor building and have about 80 shops. Each floor have open space called “Garden” and the space offer to NPO and voluntary organizations. studio-L supports community creation in the Garden. Over 20 programs are provided when the facility is grand opening and it is a key element of Maruya Gardens

Needful department

The Garden creates an opportunity to join community activities to customers in Maruya Gardens. The Garden also creates and opportunity to shop to Garden program participants. Between people, products, and local community at Garden have an advantage relationship one another. Community decided what they needed and how to use before opening Maruya Gardens.
Maruya Gardens set up a committee with the member of Professor in university, administrative officer, local shopping area party, and art director. Also Maruya Gardens have coordinator to arrange each community and search new community and create new community to broadcast about Garden’s approach. Community programs are 37 variations in a half year and are over 200 in a month. Maruya Gardens is getting necessary for Tenmonkan area.