Ama Town Comprehensive Plan

Who:Yamazaki, Okazaki, Daigo, Kanba, Nishigami, Inoue
Where:Ama Town, Shimane Prefecture
Web:Ama Town
Note: Good Design Award 2010.

Suggestions for 1, 10, 100 or 1000 citizens

Most of the local administrations in Japan have tried too much providing perfect spaces and services to keep their people’s independency, which results in increasing number of social issues. They also lost their own originalities by following Tokyo, the country’s capital. On the other hand, Ama Town in Shimane Prefecture made a unique Fourth Comprehensive Plan in 2009 with the local people, entitled “Ama’s Happiness Theory” which will guide the town in next 10 years. The town issued the annex like a picture book with a variety of suggestions for 1, 10, 100 or 1000 citizens.

Community design for effective planning

More than 60 workshops were held for the planning, where approximately 60 participants from fifteen to seventy years old were divided into four groups by “people”, “living”, “industry” and “environment” to make the suggestions. We also provided opportunities to other people get involved as well. Now we support citizen groups and the administration to realize the comprehensive plan.