Arima Fuji Park Management

Who:Yamazaki, Kanba, Nishigami
Where:Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture
Web: Arima Fuji Park
Note:Collaboration with SEN Inc.

Various Programs in a Prefectural Park

Arima Fuji Park is a large prefectural park in Sanda City, Hyogo. In this park, the administration does not manage all areas and programs but links citizens to the management of the park. More than 30 groups of citizens such as non-profit organizations (NPOs) are involved in park management and program development. During the weekend, special programs such as excursions to terraced rice fields and insect and animal observation workshops are carried out. There are also opportunities to take part in unique programs such as piano concerts, star watching and kite flying.

Mechanism for Participation of Citizens

A committee made up of local citizens, administration staff and professors was set up which deals with the administration policy for the entire park. A sub-committee has set up by the administration staff and the local government. studio-L supported the committee and the sub-committee, published a booklet entitled “Arima Fuji Park Handbook” which summarizes know-how related to park management, and organized an international symposium.

Cast Members Entertains Guests

Arima Fuji is the first park in the country which is managed through citizen participation. Citizens become "cast members" and offer programs to guests. This mechanism is very poplar and this is reflected by the continually increasing number of guests to visit the park since its opening. The number of visitors has almost doubled from 2001 to 2009, and the number of programs has risen to 730 in 2009. Coordination of these programs and of the citizen groups is carried out by the coordinators, people who are indispensable in the management of this park.