Born in Hokkaido, in 1979. She had joined some community activities in Ieshima Island before her graduation from the university. She then went on to work as a part-time officer at Ieshima Town Hall and also as a staff member of Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd. before joining studio-L in 2005. She also worked as a coordinating officer for supporting communities at Ama, Shimane. Her major roles are related to making comprehensive plans by citizen’s participation, commercializing and branding of local specialty products, analyzing and supporting communities, etc.

She serves as the head of studio-L IGA, lecturer at the Department of Spatial Design in the Kyoto University of Art and Design and a member of several NPOs (Ieshima / Environmental Design Experts' Network.) She has co-published some books such as: What Design Can Do Against Earthquakes (2009), Design Changes Communities (2011), Community Design Works (2012).